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Gypsy Kameleon

Date de sortie: 15 novembre  2010
Maison de disque: Tandem.mu
Ingénieur: Jean-François "Frisco" Roy, Studio Tashiro
Mastering: Marc Thériault, Le Lab Mastering
Musiciens: Byron Mikaloff, Alex Morissette, Christian Roberge, John Jorgenson, Robin Nolan, Frank Young, Marie-Josée Tremblay
Photographe: Martin Tremblay (lepinch.com)
Graphisme: Fokus Productions

Liste de lecture:

Sunglasses At Night

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  1. Sunglasses At Night
  2. Let's Groove
  3. Karma Chameleon
  4. Criminal Mind
  5. Like A Prayer
  6. Nine to five
  7. Never Gonna Give You Up
  8. Tom Sawyer
  9. Summer of '69
  10. Safety Dance
  11. Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone
  12. Patio Lanterns

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