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Alex Morissette

When versatility meets creativity

Alex Morissette was born on April 27th 1982 in Lévis, Québec, Canada. At the age of 11, his big brother taught him the basics of music and offered him to start a pop band together. After having tasted the rock school during his college years playing electric bass, electric guitar and drums in many successful bands such as SoWatt and One Ton, he has studied music education for children as well as classical and jazz music with Zbigniew Borowitz, Frédéric Alarie and Adam Over. He graduated in 2006 from Laval University with a jazz upright bass bachelor’s degree. It is also at this moment that Byron Mikaloff and Christian Roberge called him to be the third lost finger! Since then, he never stopped to perfect his technique on the upright bass as gypsy jazz is a high demanding style of music.

Beside The Lost Fingers, Alex did many professional studio recordings notably with the internationally known baroque style guitarist David Jacques. He’s still active on the Québec’s jazz and pop scene while not on the road with The Lost Fingers. As he plays and teaches the acoustic guitar in various styles, he’s even sometimes requested to play the instrument on some live and studio gigs.

With all his experiences and studies, he’s considered as a great jazz improviser and an amazing arranger. The Lost Fingers is just the perfect band for him to express his creativity without any border.

In 2013, the "Association des Diplômés de l'Université Laval" (ADUL) deliver to Alex at Graduate Award, the Raymond-Blais Medal. This distinction honors graduates aged under 35 who, through their professional activities and their contribution to society, honored at Laval University and their profession by being examples for future graduates.

In his free time, Alex studies computer programming and works as a web integrator. He’s also the father of a beautiful little girl and two energetic boys.